Avionics Equipment Sales


The experts at Canada West Avionics Ltd have been sourcing aircraft components for many satisfied customers around the world. They can source your hard-to-find-rotable components at reasonable prices in a reasonable amount of time. Their experts have many years of experience and have a complex array of sources throughout North America.

Even though Canada West Avionics Ltd specializes in avionics and instrument components, their customers often seek their expertise and customer first attitude to source other rotable components.

The focus of Canada West Avionics Ltd is to fulfill your request to your satisfaction. We want to develop a rapport and earn your trust. Our pricing is fair, our turn-times are designed to meet your needs project-to-project. If you need it tomorrow, we will do our best to make-it-happen. If you need it next week, we will scale our response to ensure that your requirement is met at the most economical means.

Call our sales associates, you will be happy that you did.

You will find our current inventory listed on PartsBase, AEA EEDirect and StockMarket


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