Aircraft Avionics

Canada West Avionics Ltd. has the capability to perform avionics line maintenance, installation, modification approval 2yr pitot static recertification and ELT battery replacement and recertifications. Their facility at the Boundary Bay Airport (CZBB) is a brand new facility within the 75-year-old wooden Heritage Hangar.

CWA has new state-of-the-art test equipment, has very experienced and licensed AME 'E' technicians, and they have space within their hangar to accommodate your aircraft or helicopter. Transport Canada AMO 82-17 has been obtained and is in-force. 

Aircraft type experience encompasses all types and sizes of aircraft. Systems experience includes all manufacturer's equipment integrated into new and old and hybrid new/old systems. CWA has expertise in integrating equipment and obtaining TC approval for integrations and installations. CWA's technicians and technologists are very familiar with both legacy avionics and instruments through to new glass cockpit, digital AHRS, digital air data computers, flight director and autopilot integrations.

Canada West Avionics' technologists have performed some incredible modifications. A complete new instrument panel in a Mooney, dual G600 Glass displays in a Twin Commander, Universal Avionics FMS in a King Air 300, Universal Avionics FMS in an MD-87, Iridium phones system in an MD87. How about dual ProLine 21 displays in a 1900D. They have the capability and innovation to integrate the systems that you dream about into your aircraft. They will also keep it safe, maintainable and provide all of the documentation necessary to keep the system serviceable.


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