Line Maintenance


Big aircraft, small aircraft, fixed wing or rotary wing, Canada West Avionics Ltd. has the experience to work on your aircraft. From simple pitot-static systems to complex dual or triple air data computer systems, panel gyro, to remote dual AHRS; we have worked on them.  Canada West Avionics Ltd. has invested in the latest state-of-the-art test equipment. 

Their new air data test set is wireless, programmable and robust enough for large transport aircraft, yet simple and scalable to work on a Belanca Citabria. Canada West Avionics Ltd. is continually adding adapters to interface to your aircraft. 

To confirm operational serviceability of your transponder system Canada West Avionics has the latest IFR6000. Their test set has the options for TCAS and ADS-B just to stay in touch with the most current state of avionics


Autopilot repairs are a unique specialty of the technicians and technologists at Canada West Avionics Ltd. Autopilots are finicky. Often problems cascade into a ball of issues. Sorting out cable tensions, servo drive, trim sense, broken wires, broken switches, alignment issues along with a myriad of other potential problems are all within Canada West Avionics Ltd's experience and capability.


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