Electric Bicycles

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Electric Bicycles

Canada West Avionics is proud to be a dealer of the CARBO Electric Bicycle Model X!

This is an exciting option for our clients who need transportation at their destinations. Many places are remote without the service of a taxi, an uber or public transport. This foldable light weight bike is a perfect option for our clients.

Portable Radio

Canada West Avionics is an authorized Icom dealer. The diligent pilot should have a battery powered portable radio in their flight bag. Even though our panel mount avionics are reliable and provide great situational awareness. If the aircraft alternator fails and you run out of battery. A portable radio can save the day.

Portable radios can include GPS receivers and Navigation radio receivers, all packaged in a small rugged package ready for urgent or emergency situations.

Portable GPS

Garmin has a selection of portable GPS units like the Aera 660. Synthetic vision and simulated Attitude and Direction Indicators. These units can also have full databases for local and international flying.

With Blue Tooth communications between your portable and panel mounted avionics, Canada West Avionics can get things inter-communicating. Installing a Garmin Flight Stream device into your aircraft, or a Blue Tooth enable transponder, aircraft attitude and heading information can be shared with your portable device. It is also possible to prepare your flight plans at home, or in your hotel the night before your flight, then simply upload your flight plan from your portable device to your panel mounted avionics.

Canada West Avionics can also provide you with a panel mounted solution for your portable devices. Snap your device into a panel mounted dock. Plug it into the approved power device. You will get the best of both worlds.

Maps & Charts

The new Garmin Marq Aviator, and Garmin D2 Pilot watches are available and on-display at Canada West Avionics. Come and see the technology that you can wear on your wrist. All integratable with your panel mount avionics.


Pilot Headsets are personal. You want the best fit, most comfortable headset. 

Canada West Avionics has headsets for you to try and compare.


Canada West Avionics is an authorized GoPro dealer. We can provide you with the camera that best fits your application. Dealer pricing provides a competitive edge against the big box suppliers. Personalized service will allow you hands-on with the equipment.

InFlight Cam cables and accessories will get your GoPro interfaced to your airborne audio system. You will be able to record your radio and intercom audio. Bring your video to life with the realism of the in-flight audio.