Airframe Parts

We now offer Aircraft Maintenance Capabilities as an AMO with ratings in Aircraft, Avionics, Component, Instrument & Structure. Explore our Maintenance Capabilities.
Airframe Parts

Cessna, Beechcraft, Textron parts… Canada West Avionics has a number of strategic alliances established with key suppliers to be able to source your parts at competitive pricing. We have preferred shipping agreements in-place with daily courier service from FedEx Air and Ground, UPS, Purolator and DHL. Our dedicated sales staff can source and order your parts for on-time and on-price delivery.

External Lighting

Incandescent external lighting is old-fashioned. Your landing lights, taxi lights, position and beacon lights should be upgraded to approved LED lighting. LED lamps draw a fraction of the current, produce no radio noise and are easier on your switches and wiring.

Canada West Avionics can upgrade your external lamps with approved parts.

Wheels & Brakes

Canada West Avionics has established a strategic alliance with a wheel and brake supplier. Preferred pricing with on-site inventory can get you back in-the-air quickly and efficiently.

Call our expert sales staff for pricing and availability for your aircraft specific parts.