External Lighting

We now offer Aircraft Maintenance Capabilities as an AMO with ratings in Aircraft, Avionics, Component, Instrument & Structure. Explore our Maintenance Capabilities.

External Lighting

Incandescent external lighting is old-fashioned. Your landing lights, taxi lights, position and beacon lights should be upgraded to approved LED lighting. LED lamps draw a fraction of the current, produce no radio noise and are easier on your switches and wiring.

Canada West Avionics can upgrade your external lamps with approved parts.

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West Coast Location with International Reach

Located at Bounday Bay Airport in Delta BC.

Canada On-Site Services

We are located at the Boundary Bay Airport in Delta, BC. CZBB has a 5600 ft runway and our hangar has plenty of room for even the largest jet.

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USA On-Site Services

We are a quick 125 mile flight north of Seattle, Washington.

Discover our easy Fly-In Fly-Out Location. Clear for takeoff. We handle duties & customs.