Avionics & Instrument Line Maintenance

We now offer Aircraft Maintenance Capabilities as an AMO with ratings in Aircraft, Avionics, Component, Instrument & Structure. Explore our Maintenance Capabilities.

Avionics & Instrument Line Maintenance

Big aircraft, small aircraft, fixed wing or rotary wing, Canada West Avionics Ltd. has the experience to work on your aircraft. From simple pitot-static systems to complex dual or triple air data computer systems, panel gyro, and remote dual AHRS; we have worked on them. CWA has invested in the latest state-of-the-art test equipment.

CWA’s new air data test set is wireless, programmable and robust enough for large transport aircraft, yet simple and scalable to work on a Belanca Citabria. CWA is continually adding adapters to interface to your aircraft.

To confirm operational serviceability of your transponder system, CWA has the latest IFR6000. Our test set has the option for TCAS and ADS-B to stay in touch with the most current state of avionics.

Autopilot repairs are a unique specialty of the technicians and technologists at Canada West Avionics. Autopilots are finicky and often problems cascade into a complex ball of issues. Sorting out cable tensions, servo drives, trim sense, broken wires and switches, alignment issues along with a myriad of other potential problems are all within CWA’s experience and capability.

Avionics Services

Avionics Services

From custom installations, to line maintenance and pilot accessories we are a one stop shop for your avionics needs.

Avionics Equipment, Components & Pilot Supplies

Avionics Equipment, Components and Pilot Supplies

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BeechTalk – Avionics Shop Seattle Area

Gordon Bott, at CW Avionics, has been wonderfully prompt and detailed with fast quotes and correspondence.

BeechTalk KFC AP

I approached Gordon Bott at Canada West Avionics at CZBB (Boundary Bay) before Christmas about an Aerospace Logic fuel gage, an AOA, and some small lighting issues. He promised me a quote as soon as possible.

He very kindly, and very quickly had the pitch servo removed and we confirmed that one of the switches was broken. He kept the servo ad will order the parts today.

Really good service to this point.

Jeff – Christian Eagle

“Hello Canada West team!!!!

I just wanted to reach out and say Thank You!!   Everything looks great and seems to be functioning well! 
I appreciate the efforts you all put in!  I know that little plane can be a pain since it’s so small and compact with no room to do anything… but I appreciate that you guys did it, and everything turned out great.”

Nanaimo Flying Club

Does your aircraft need avionics work done?

A new facility has opened at Boundary Bay Airport, operated by technicians with decades of experience. The annual ELT recertification can be done on a “while you wait” basis, other services include everything from the bi-annual transponder/altimeter check through to full-panel replacements.

Upgrades are preformed completely on-time, on-budget, with excellent results and professional service throughout the project.

North Cariboo Air

Gordon, Congratulations, [on the start-up of CWA] and best wishes for your new company, good to have your expertise out west.

West Coast Location with International Reach

Located at Bounday Bay Airport in Delta BC.

Canada On-Site Services

We are located at the Boundary Bay Airport in Delta, BC. CZBB has a 5600 ft runway and our hangar has plenty of room for even the largest jet.

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USA On-Site Services

We are a quick 125 mile flight north of Seattle, Washington.

Discover our easy Fly-In Fly-Out Location. Clear for takeoff. We handle duties & customs.