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Canadian Cockpit Voice Recorder, Recorder Independent Power Supply (”RIPS”) Mandate will be implemented on May 10, 2023.

Canada Gazette, Part II, Volume 153, Number 11, Registration SOR/2019-130 May 10, 2019,
AERONAUTICS ACT, P.C. 2019-479 May 9, 2019


The amendments and associated standards will enhance the time period of information captured by the CVR by:

  • increasing the duration of CVR recordings from 30 minutes to 2 hours for all aircraft to which the ICAO standards are applicable (described below);
  • requiring a dedicated RIPS to power a CVR and a cockpit area microphone for a period of 10 minutes in case normal aircraft power sources to the CVR are interrupted; and
  • requiring pilot to controller communications to be recorded by the CVR if data-link communication equipment is currently installed.
  • This equipment is used to reduce voice communication congestion as well as reduce the number of mistakes, such as misunderstandings when interpreting verbal communication.

The changes will be applicable to aircraft currently in operations. These aircraft will be required to be retrofitted if not already compliant, so they have updated CVR recording duration and a 10-minute RIPS. The operators impacted by the amendments operate aircraft as summarized in the following table.

Size, Engine Type and Number of PassengersCut-in DateCurrent
aeroplanes over 27,000 kg
Type certificated after September 30, 1969, and manufactured before January 1, 198730-minute CVRTwo-hour CVR
10-minute RIPS
All aeroplanes over 5,700 kgManufactured after 1987, but before 200330-minute CVRTwo-hour CVR
10-minute RIPS
All aeroplanes over 5,700 kgManufactured after 20022-hour CVR No RIPSNo change to CVR
10-minute RIPS
Helicopters over 7,000 kgManufactured after 20022-hour CVR No RIPSNo change to CVR
10-minute RIPS


Price: CDN* $35,975

  • Next Generation 25-hour CVR w/ Datalink recording
  • Internal RIPS power supply module
  • TSO-C123c (CVR), C177a (datalink), C155b (RIPS), ARINC 757
  • Slide-in replacement for currently installed L3 Harris, Loral Data
  • Systems, Lockheed Martin, Fairchild CVRs
  • No wiring or equipment mounting changes*
  • No change to area microphone or CVR controller
  • All solid state, no equipment annual maintenance required
  • Annual ULB inspection and Intelligibility Evaluation done in
  • Canada, in-house by Canada West Avionics Ltd.
  • Canadian AML STC

Some installations may require a circuit breaker change.
Subject to change as the US to CDN Fx fluctuates, based on US to CDN Fx of 1.31. GST/HST not included

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I appreciate the efforts you all put in!  I know that little plane can be a pain since it’s so small and compact with no room to do anything… but I appreciate that you guys did it, and everything turned out great.”

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