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GoPro Cameras and Accessories, NFlightCam Mounts and Cables

Canada West Avionics is a new avionics shop, but we have lots of experience. All of our staff members are professionals with experience on all aircraft types, and all avionics and instrument equipment.

We have the knowledge, know-how and facilities to excel on any project for your aircraft.


Our Services

Aircraft Avionics

New equipment sales, equipment exchange, system installation, modification approval, technical drawings, compliance reports, and more, are all in-a-days-work for the experts at Canada West Avionics Ltd. We are looking forward to helping you with any avionics needs.


Flight Recorders

The technologists at Canada West Avionics Ltd have immense expertise on Cockpit Voice and Flight Data Recorders. CVR intelligibility evaluations and FDR readouts are performed to your schedule. Same day service is available, file drop service easily arranged, and electronic transfer of reports eliminates delays.


Install Projects

From single com to full EFIS system, small aircraft to corporate jet, light rotorcraft to heavy lift, commercial aircraft to private aircraft, we can do whatever you need. Canada West Avionics Ltd. can accommodate your aircraft with our vast knowledge, experience, and desire to assist you. 


Line Maintenance

We can do Com/Nav/GPS/RADAR system troubleshooting and repairs as well as Autopilot system troubleshooting and repair. With our Pitot-Static and transponder 2 year recertification and ELT recertification, we can guarantee our work will be done at the highest quality. 



Latest Videos


The future is now. Video documentation of your flight is a unique service that we offer. Canada West Avionics Ltd. is an authorized retailer of GoPro products; we have a vast inventory of Hero5 Black, Hero 5 Session and Hero Session cameras and accessories for your  best flight experience. 

NFlightcam Cables and Mounts

NFlightcam cables and mounts are premium aviation camera accessories. These cables interface GoPro cameras to your aircraft audio system and the mounts provide a versatile GoPro camera on your aircraft dash for seamless and easy use.

Aspen Avionics

Canada West Avionics Ltd. is an Aspen Avionics dealers. We have units in stock and a demo unit on display in our office. Come check it out!


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