Flight Recorders


Canada West Avionics Ltd. has some of the top Canadian experts in Flight Recorders. That experience has been gained from working with both Cockpit Voice Recorders and Flight Data Recorders since 1996. As recognized experts, Canada West Avionics Ltd. Employees have been called upon as experts and been interviewed on CBC NewsWorld numerous times.

The flight recorder experts at Canada West Avionics Ltd. have completed 100's of CVR intelligibility Evaluations. You will find that their CVR professionals will provide you with prompt, courteous and critical analysis of any issues found with your cockpit voice recorder system. They will work with you to resolve issues and use their extensive experience to recommend corrective action. If your recorder system is working normally, you will receive prompt reporting to keep your aircraft flying and MEL days minimized.

Canada West Avionics Ltd's ability to develop aircraft specific Flight Data Recorder data bases is a strong point. A significant amount of time is invested to develop and test Flight Data Recorder Databases. This expertise is unique and a good reason why Canada West Avionics Ltd is the best place to send your flight recorder and downloaded flight data for analysis. Canada West Avionics Ltd. has many aircraft Flight Data Recorder database's already developed. If the database for your aircraft exists in their library, you will get a quick turn on the reporting. If a new database has to be developed, Canada West Avionics Ltd will work hard to meet your reporting time frame to the best of their abilities.



"It is good to be working with you guys again."  - Transport Canada Aircraft Services


Flight Recorder Capability:

L3 Communications FA2100, FA2200, FA2300,

L3Communications F1000,

L3Communications A100S,

L3Communications A200S,

Honeywell SSFDR (980-4120-XXX, 980-4700-XXX),

Honeywell SRVIVR (980-4131-XXX, 980-6050-XXX, 980-6055-XXX),

Honeywell AR FDR (980-4710-XXX),

Honeywell SSCVR (980-6020-XXX, 980-6022-XXX),

Honeywell AR Combi (980-6021-XXX, 980-6023-XXX)

Aircraft Type Capability (FDR)

Beech 1900D

Dash 8 (all models)

Dash 7

Citation (all models)

Lear (all models)

Challenger (all models)

Bell 412

Boeing 737 (all models)

Boeing DC-9-87

Global 5000

Airbus A300 series

Dornier 228/328

RJ 75/95

BAE 146


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